Nikola Tesla - Tesla Believes Experiment Interruption Caused by Extraterrestrial Energy from Another Planet - An Engineer's Aspect


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nikola Tesla - Tesla Believes Experiment Interruption Caused by Extraterrestrial Energy from Another Planet

Here is another article about Nikola Tesla from the Newspaper Archives. This one was published in The Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, page 3. January 11, 1901. Tesla is both interesting and somewhat mysterious to me.

Some Planet, It Seemed to Him, Affected His Machine.
Suggestive of Signaling, the Movements Recorded When He Was Observing Electrical Conditions on a Peak in Colorado--Why Shouldn't Mars Know Morse as Well as We!

Not quite two years ago Mr. Nikola Tesla went out to Colorado to conduct experiments in relation to the wireless transmission of energy, which has engaged his attention for several years. Mr. Tesla found it necessary, in order to carry on his investigations and his experiments to the extent he desired, to work at an altitude of several thousand feet. He found the conditions suitable for his purposes in Colorado and went out there in the spring of 1899, built a laboratory about ten miles from Pike's peak and went to work. What he accomplished in the eight or nine months while he was working there he has kept pretty much to himself ever since, but when the National Red Cross, which was arranging for the end of the century meetings of its various branches throughout the country, asked Mr. Tesla to indicate what, in his opinion, would be one of the great achievements of the coming century he gave just a hint of one of the wonders he discovered in Colorado.
In a more elaborate way Mr. Tesla dwelt on his work to a New York Sun
man the other afternoon. He regards his latest results as far and away the most important he has ever attained. Briefly, Tesla has been able to note a novel manifestation of energy, which he knows is not of solar or terrestrial origin, and, being neither, he concludes that it must emanate from one of the planets. While he was conducting his investigations in his Colorado laboratory one day the instrument he was using to observe the electrical condition of the earth was affected in an unaccountable manner. It recorded three distinct though very faint movements, one after the other. These movements were observed not once, but many times, the number of impulses varying, and Mr. Tesla now firmly believes that with improved apparatus it will be quite possible for the people of the earth to communicate with the inhabitants of other planets. In telling about his work and his discoveries Mr. Tesla said:
"I went to Colorado early in May, 1899, and staid (sic) there about eight months. I believe that during that time I did more work than I could have done in the city in three years, on account of the marvelously invigorating climate. I was compelled to go either to Colorado or to California, as only in these two states I could obtain power at a high altitude, which was necessary for certain investigations I had in view relative to the transportation of power in accordance with a method I had invented. I had tested the conditions at sea level thoroughly, and wanted to know how far my laboratory observations would agree with practical tests at high altitudes. Colorado was nearer than California and I had some friendly relations in Colorado Springs, and this determined me to select that neighborhood for my place of observation.
"A laboratory was erected on an elevation at a distance of about ten miles from Pike's peak. I set out to carry on my experiments along three different lines: First, to ascertain the best conditions for transmitting power without wires; second, to develop apparatus for the transmission of messages across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, on which problem I have been engaged for eight years, and, third, to work on another problem which involves a still greater mastery of electrical forces and which, with my present knowledge, I consider of still greater importance than even the transmission of power without wires, and which I shall make known in due course. There were, however, numerous points to be found out about electrical vibrations, and there were actions on which I was still in doubt. In my laboratory in New York I was able to go only to electrical discharges of 16 feet in length, and I had only reached effective electrical pressure of about 8,000,000 volts. To carry the problems on which I was working further I had to master electrical pressure of at least 50,000,000 volts, and electrical discharges were necessary for some purposes measuring at least 50 or 100 feet.
"The results I attained were far beyond any I had expected to reach, and this has forcibly brought to my mind the stimulating influence of nature in scientific research. I found that my mental vision was incomparably clear.


*Note: I searched this entire newspaper and could find nothing more. I thought the article ended abruptly, but apparently, that was the total article.