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News from 1900--Alverda M. Stout becomes a licensed engineer at age 18

Happy Friday! As a salute to an early woman engineer during Women's History Month, I'm spotlighting a remarkable young woman from Ohio who made her mark at the turn of the 20th Century. Alverda M. Stout became a licensed steam engineer in 1900 at the age of eighteen!

Transcribed below are two news articles featuring Ms. Stout, the first from a magazine in 1900 and the second from a newspaper in 1901.

The following article was published in a magazine Power in the December issue of 1900 ( Submitted by A. G. Weyand, 907 Prospect Street, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820.

As a consequence of the passage of a state license law in Ohio last year a girl engineer has been discovered in that state. There is at Dyesville a fifty barrel flour mill, and when the inspector arrived he found the steam plant in charge of a young lady of less than twenty years of age. Inquiring as to who was the regular engineer he was informed that she was in full and regular charge, firing the boiler, t…

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