Tuesday, October 2, 2012

4 Bridge Failures Mentioned in papers--Oct. 2nd

The Weekly Truth, Elkhart, Indiana, Thursday, October 2, 1890, Page 1.


Four Hundred Russian Soldiers Said to Have Perished by the Collapse of a Bridge.

VIENNA, Sept. 29.--Polish journals assert that during the recent maneuvers of the Russian army at Kovno, the Krasnostaw bridge collapsed, and that 400 soldiers belonging to the Pultaun regiment, which were crossing the bridge at the time of the accident, were thrown into the water and drowned.  The papers state that among those who lost their lives was General Bardowsky.  There has been no official confirmation of this report.

The Star Journal, Sandusky, Ohio, Tuesday, October 2, 1923, Page 1.

Death Trap!

Between 25 and 40 victims perished in this wreck when a weakened bridge collapsed over Cole Creek, near Casper, Wyo., hurling the Burlington train No. 30 into the swollen stream below.

This first picture shows a demolished chair car riding atop the ruins of a partially submerged baggage coach.  The stream has completely swallowed the engine and tender which are out of sight heading the spillway of death which piled up over twisted steel and writhing bodies immediately after the break occurred.  In the lower right hand foreground, pieces of rail jutting over the brink, mark the point of separation between the living and dead.


The San Antonio Light, San Antonio, Texas, Sunday, October 2, 1927, Part 1, Page 2.


PUEBLO, Colo., Oct. 1.--Warned by a dream the night before, George Matson got out of an automobile before it crossed a bridge near here.  The bridge collapsed, the driver being killed.


The Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg, Canada, Wednesday, October 2, 1968, Page 2.

TOKYO (Reuters)--A bridge collapsed sending a freight train plunging into Furano River in Hokkaido Tuesday, killing three persons, the Japanese National Railroads Corp. reported.

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