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Nikola Tesla - "A New Lung Cure."

Another article I found in the Newspaper Archives about Nikola Tesla. This one is from 1900:

The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana, page 7. August 4, 1900.
New York, Aug. 4.--Unusual interest has been aroused among physicians in a new treatment for tuberculosis evolved by Nikola Tesla. It is described as "electrical oscillation," and it is said to be a sure cure of consumption, even in its worst stages.

Dr. Croft C. Carroll, of 21 East Twenty-fourth street, is a strong advocate of Mr. Tesla's system. other physicians and one clergyman verify to the wonderful virtue of "electrical oscillation."

Dr. E. P. Iliff, of Newark, a specialist in lung disease, who, three weeks ago, was declared to be dying of consumption, received his third treatment yesterday at the clinic in Dr. Carroll's office, and then ran to catch a car on his way back to Newark.

Rev. S. W. Switzer, pastor of the Baptist tabernacle in Harrison, N. J., who had been sent to Dr. Carroll in the last stages of consumption, told of his remarkable cure.

Dr. John B. Rich, president of the American Microscopical society, declared that it was the most wonderful demonstration of positive beneficial results that he had ever seen in the treatment of germ diseases.
Nikola Tesla had worked for two years on the apparatus which Dr. Carroll is using in his public clinic. It was Dr. Carroll's idea to apply the new principle in electricity evolved by Tesla to the treatment of consumption. Mr. Tesla had predicted that oscillation would accomplish wonders, but had not thought of using it as a germ killer.

By applying the electrode of the Tesla machine Dr. Carroll drives through the affected parts a quantity of electricity which if applied in any other way would cause instant death. With a Tesla "oscillator" he handles between 2,000 and 3,000 volts of electricity with impunity.

Dr. Carroll says that after the oscillation treatment all tubercular matter is eliminated from the system by the emunctories--the liver, kidneys, bowels and general glandular system. The treatment is one of destruction to the germs.

Dr. Iliff told how he had contracted the tuberculosis from his patients about a year ago. It had developed in the aorta, which is the artery leading from the heart to the pulmonary system. Stenosis of the aorta resulted. The tubercular matter had clogged the aorta about one inch from the entrance to the heart, so finally the heart could not pump blood to the extremities. A dropsical condition ensued. Dr. Iliff said that in forty-eight hours four weeks ago he increased in weight thirty pounds.

"I was removed to Dr. Carroll's office in New York ten days ago," said Dr. Iliff. "My brother physicians protested against my being removed. They said there was not the slightest chance of recovery. They even predicted the hour I was to die. I took my third oscillation treatment today. I am now attending to my practice again in Newark and am on the speedy road to complete recovery."

The testimony given by Rev. Mr. Switzer was almost as remarkable. He had contracted acute tuberculosis four years ago. When he was removed to Dr. Carroll's house the physicians of Newark and Harrison told him he had six weeks to live. He was attending to his pastoral duties in less than three weeks and declared yesterday that he had recovered completly (sic).

Henry J. Rice, a patient who had been put under the electrical treatment for the first time July 9, when he had a respiration of 86, now, it was said, had the full use of his lungs. His respiration was 12. He had had tuberculosis of the lungs for five years. The lower third of the right and left lungs was hepatic.

There had been a cavity at the left of the heart bone, so Dr. Carroll said, as large as a silver dollar. Dr. Carroll declares that the cavity has entirely disappeared and is refilled with new lung tissue.
Asked for an explanation of the treatment, Dr. Carroll said:

"All life is a force manifestation in which electricity plays a part. Life force, spirt (sic) force and electrical force I believe to be one and the same force. Disease or unhealth is only
a difference of potential that requires it to be brought into a state equilibrium in order to be brought into a state of health.

"The reason why this high oscillation does not take life is because the wave motions of the machine are in synchronous harmony with the life force in the body."

Dr. Carroll declined to allow the Tesla machine to be seen. All of the apparatus that was visible was the glass electrode, which was spoon-shaped and hollow. While the current was on there was an opalescent blaze, or a series of big sparks, in the electrode, which was applied directly to the part affected.

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