Free pdf of Nikola Tesla's Autobiography, My Inventions - An Engineer's Aspect


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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Free pdf of Nikola Tesla's Autobiography, My Inventions

Hugo Gernsback, Editor of The Electrical Experimenter sat down with Nikola Tesla, probably in December of 1918, and asked him if he would consent to have his life story and inventions featured in The Electrical Experimenter for the next couple of years.

Much to Gernsback's surprise, Tesla consented.

The result was an absolutely riveting look into the life of Nikola Tesla written by none other than himself! My Inventions is a fascinating look into the private and public life of Tesla. Tesla is very candid in his writings about the events surrounding his inventions and his inner dialogue.

I began reading these articles and couldn't tear myself away, so I published them piece by piece on this blog. I thought it was a little inconvenient to read them in separate blog posts, so I decided to compile them into a pdf for myself, then I thought, "Maybe other people would like to read this pdf too." So here it is.

This free pdf is a compilation of the series of autobiographical articles that were published by Gernsback entitled, My Inventions. The series includes an introduction written by his friend and fan, Hugo Gernsback, editor of The Electrical Experimenter, and six subsequent segments written by Tesla.

In this autobiography, Tesla relates details of his boyhood home and his parents. He gives some insight into his good health and tells harrowing tales and adventures from his childhood. He tells of a ten-year-old Nikola Tesla studying at the Real Gymnasium and relates stories of his many near-death illnesses. He explains the thought processes that lead up to the invention of the Induction Motor.

My Inventions follows Nikola Tesla from Hungary to Paris and Germany, then to America where he is the butt of Thomas Edison's infamous practical joke. Detailed within Part IV is the invention of the Tesla Coil. Part V is devoted to Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter, a world-changing invention far ahead of its time and therefore under-appreciated in its day. Part VI focuses on Tesla's Telautomatics. (He was Steampunk before it was cool.) We also learn much about Tesla's views on spiritual matters.

So, click on the link and enjoy this free pdf of Nikola Tesla's, My Inventions, from The Electrical Experimenter in 1919.