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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

10 gifts for your Engineer Valentine under $20

I admit it, it is sometimes difficult to find something to give an engineer that says, "I love you." Here are 10 suggestions under $20 I found after quite a bit of searching. My favorite one is free! Good luck with your engineer!

1. Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

from ThinkGeek
"We all like to sit around and complain that we need caffeine to take on the oh-so-hard task of sitting on our expanding backsides and typing for eight hours. "Oh no," we say. "Don't talk to me about that spreadsheet until I've had my 4-cup French press!" Do you know who thinks you should STFU? Mario. Link. Other heroes who are busting their tails in the wild to rescue princesses and save the world. Think of them next time you complain about being bored in a meeting.

The Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug is here to remind you that filling up on health is easy for you. You don't need to adventure to find pieces of heart. You just walk up to the Caffeinated Potion Machine and pour yourself a fresh cup of wake-me-up. Done and done. Watch as the heat-sensitive ink turns the sad black heart into a healthy, full red one. Now you're ready to tackle the Big Boss. (Just don't stomp on his head like last time, okay?)"

$11.99 (on sale for $9.99 right now)

2. Mars E-Valentines 

from Nasa

Nasa has some awesome valentines you can send to your valentine featuring Mars! These are seriously cool. <3

3. All You Need is Love Math Equations Mug

From JingleWares

This mug is sure to send the right message to your engineer-valentine! It comes in two sizes.

$14.95 - $17.95

4. I Love My Geek 8-Bit Heart Cupcake Bath Bomb

from ThinkGeek

"Water in 8-bit games was generally a bad thing. In Pitfall! water was full of crocodiles. Water slowed Sonic down to subsonic. Even in games where you'd think water wouldn't be a problem it was. Frogger. You're a frog. But apparently water is your weakness. And don't even get us started on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

However, this product brings 8-bit games and water together in a rewarding fashion. The I Love My Geek 8-Bit Heart Cupcake Bath Bomb looks like a cupcake. Smells like a cupcake (vanilla). And is guaranteed to make you (or your sweetie) feel like you just won the game and got to put your initials in. Best thing ever."


5. Infinity Necklace

from RevelryJewelry
Tell your engineer that you love him/her to infinity and beyond with this necklace. Infinity charm is
2 x 22.5 x 1mm. Choose your chain.
"Ah, algebra - proudly frustrating students since 1637AD. Becoming highly skilled in algebra and other mathematics requires disciplined, rational thought, and it is often the case that those skilled in the ways of solving for 'X' sometimes struggle a bit in the expressions of love and affection (translation - sometimes nerds suck at romance). Should you happen to be one of those who can't bring themselves to draw little hearts on notes to your beloved, we offer the formula 9x-7i > 3(3x-7u), which reduces to one of those cutesy little expressions (i<3u) sure to win the heart of anyone clever enough to solve it.

You romantic devil, you."


7.  I Love You / I Know Rings

from ThinkGeek
"Recently the phrase "Love you to the moon and back" from Guess How Much I Love You by Anita Jeram has been popping up on all sorts of things. Cards. Plaques. Jewelry. But the love we need to express is bigger than that. So much bigger.

Get your significant other a ring that says, "I love you to a galaxy far, far away and back." Well, not literally. What they literally say is "I love you" and "I know," the iconic exchange between Leia and Han. But, of course, we didn't need to tell you that. The phrases are engraved on the outside of the bands, the smaller size range reading "I Love You" and the larger size range reading "I Know".

Somehow Han's decidedly unsentimental response is rendered romantic when you're in a relationship with another Star Wars aficionado. Don't believe us? Try this ring out on your significant other, and wait for him or her to melt like ice on Tatooine. Which would probably be more of a sublimation kind of thing, so we're going to stop with the metaphors now. Buy the rings, k?"

$19.99, but on sale right now for $9.99

8.  I Love You (in Binary Code) T-Shirt 

from artistwaves
Tell your engineer you love him/her with this t-shirt where it is all spelled out clearly...in binary code. They will love you for it.


9. Joker Never-Ending Valentine's Card

From ThinkGeek
"People always say the thing they're looking for in a relationship is someone with "a good sense of humor." If you and your significant other have large senses of humor (and high tolerance levels), then you probably consider pranking each other for Valentine's Day.

These cards make the pranking easy. Both feature a variation on the phrase "Be Mine Forever." What's different is what's inside. Sort of like a box of chocolates. Except more noisy and potentially sparkly.

Grab one of these Joker Valentine's Cards, write an endearing message, and deliver it. Once your recipient presses the indicated space, either some annoying jazzy Valentine's Day music or kissy noises (depending on which card you select) will play for the next three hours. That's right! THREE HOURS. Lucky for you, an included tab allows you (the joker) to safely sample the sound, open the card, and write your message. Once the tab is removed, it's like pulling a pin on a grenade. Take cover! Or at least bring earplugs."

$9.99 - $10.99

10. Mini Science Valentine's Day Cards (Set of 24)

From Nerdy Words on Amazon

"Little science themed Valentines for the science nerds in your life! These mini Valentines (24 in total) are wallet sized (2" x 3.5") and come with mini envelopes."