Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Building DISASTER-RELIEF Concrete Homes from Garbage

Jonathan and Whitney Belkowitz,
Founders of Intelligent Concrete, LLC
I don't generally write fundraising posts here, but this is such a great cause and the project is run by an outstanding engineer along with outstanding colleagues...and

there are only 4 Days Left to Fund this Project!

Jonathan Belkowitz, Chief Operating Officer of Intelligent Concrete, LLC, and his colleagues are trying to "identify the best materials to design a geopolymer concrete that can be used to make these shelters. The geopolymer concrete will have to accelerate strength development for expedited construction and durable design for service in severe environments."

Commenting on his passion for the project, Jonathan said, "Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by Concrete. It is the most popular construction material in the world and its predecessor has been used for millennia. Everyday I try and save the world and all the concrete in it. With this project, I intend to do just that - Save the world and all the Concrete in it."

From microryza.com:


"In impoverished areas where the strength and facilities of the local government has been exhausted by natural disasters or unforeseen events, shelter is the basic commodity needed to ensure the protection and well-being of impacted families. The purpose of this research is to identify materials that can be used to build shelters. Ultimately, shelters built from these recycled materials would be used in impoverished areas for disaster response."

Can recycled materials be used to create temporary housing in impoverished areas? from Microryza on Vimeo.

Visit the Building DISASTER-RELIEF Concrete Homes from Garbage website today, read more and help with this groundbreaking research.

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