Thursday, June 21, 2012

What You Need to Know about a Monolithic Dome Home Before You Buy One!

The Monolithic Dome Institute has a new e-book available! "What You Need to Know about a Monolithic Dome Home—Before You Buy One!" by Freda Parker.  According to MDI's website:  "Here’s some of what Dome Living covers:
  •  How to get a dream home that’s disaster-resistant, super green, energy-efficient, low maintenance and affordable! 
  • More than 130 Floor Plans, detailed with room measurements. 
  • Color photos of beautiful Monolithic Dome dream homes, large and small, built in various climates and on different terrains. 
  • What Monolithic is all about. 
  • The cutting-edge technology Monolithic uses. It’s a very innovative construction process. 
  • The four major materials used in building a Monolithic Dome home. 
  • What gives a Monolithic Dome home the strength to survive a tornado, hurricane and earthquake. 
  • How the dome’s concrete significantly minimizes fire damage. 
  • Photos of and information about Monolithic Domes that successfully withstood a disaster. 
  • How Monolithic’s insulation makes a home super energy-efficient and therefore more affordable. 
  • Underground homes — good or bad? 
  • A practical way of analyzing the true cost of a home. 
  • The design flexibility of a dome. It can be any size and have all the rooms for all the activities you dream about. 
  • Decorating ideas for the exterior and interior of a dome-home. 
  • A plan for wise planning that turns a dream into a reality. 
  • How to choose a contracting plan and builder. 
  • Easy-to-understand definitions for building codes, regulations and necessary documents. 
  • The Orion, a Monolithic Dome home with straight walls. 
  • Dome Rentals: A much-needed, profitable project. 
  • A Monolithic Dome’s versatility: It can be designed for just about any purpose and in any environment."

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