Saturday, August 6, 2011

Monolithic Dome Home Floor Plans

Many people are looking for beautiful Monolithic Dome home floor plans like The Stitt Residence pictured below.

If you are one of these floor-plan-seeking people, I have included three links to some amazing Monolithic Dome home floor plans in this post:

A wall of windows in the dining area provides light and a gorgeous view of the surroundings in this Monolithic Dome home that is three stories high with a diameter of 55 feet, built on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

“President’s Choice” Monolithic Dome Home Plans

This link is for free Monolithic Dome home floor plans that the president of The Monolithic Dome Institute, David B. South, calls his favorites.

The Oberon

Free floor plans for different styles of the Monolithic Dome home called "The Oberon."

Dome Living, Volume I and Volume II

Two gorgeous books full of Monolithic Dome house plans can be purchased from The Monolithic Dome Institute here.

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