Engineering Quote of the Week - Ove Arup

"Engineering problems are under-defined, there are many solutions, good, bad and indifferent. The art is to arrive at a good solution. This is a creative activity, involving imagination, intuition and deliberate choice."    ~Ove Arup

(Michael Lewis, Ove Arup and Jack Zunz on site during construction of the Sydney Opera House.)


Claire Hellar said…
Hi Nanette! I work with engineering website and would love to do an exchange of website links and feature you as a site of the day on EEWeb. Let me know if this is of interest to you!
Hi Claire! Thank you for the offer. I think it would be really great! You have a fantastic website!
This would indeed create more inspiration around the students to carry on their efforts as they are present going on quite a good pace, hopefully this would probably create more understanding in the future as well.

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