Does Radio Mark Height of Chinese 30,000-Year Cycle? A Nikola Tesla Article from 1922 - An Engineer's Aspect


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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Does Radio Mark Height of Chinese 30,000-Year Cycle? A Nikola Tesla Article from 1922

The Lowell Sun, Lowell, Massachusetts, Thursday, November 16, 1922, Page 8.

Does Radio Mark Height of
Chinese 30,000-Year Cycle?


The far-reaching ideas of Nikola Tesla, famous electrical engineer and inventor, may be only a recurrence of the same thoughts thousands of years ago.

Only recently Tesla asserted power flashed through space by radio will run the world and all its activities.

But Chinese scholars claim this is no new idea. They point back to their ancestors who, some 20,000 or more years ago, "flew through the air and talked over enormous distances."

The citation is taken to be a reference to airplanes and wireless. Chinese civilization, 20,000 or more years ago, is said to have been equal to that of today. Then, according to Chinese theory, mankind slid downward for 15,000 years, and now it is on its upward climb of another 15,000 years, only to fall back again at the end of this cycle into barbarism.

More to Go
Whether the present is the peak of this period of 30,000 years no one can tell. But Tesla declares we have still to see greater wonders in radio, and if that is so, we have still to reach the peak of the present "civilization cycle."

Will we surpass the Chinese, at their height of progress?

Tesla says yes. He points to the fact that we are already flying and talking over space, but that we have still greater wonders to see. Our "civilization cycle," he points out, will reach out beyond the peak of Chinese civilization.

Will See By Radio
Besides bringing enormous distances in flight and wireless conversation, modern science will span the earth with power flashed through the air by radio. Tesla has been working on this plan ever since 1893, and now he declares it will be possible to run the world by radio.

"Airplanes and trains and ships will carry no fuel," he says, "but will run by transmitted energy. With wireless power no one explorers, travelers, campers--need be cut off from civilization and its comforts."

Not only that but we will see over great distances by aid of wireless energy, predicts Tesla. And seeing our neighbors across the oceans will make for a united social and political world, he adds.