50 Gifts Under $30 for Your Engineer-----Dec. 2013 - An Engineer's Aspect


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

50 Gifts Under $30 for Your Engineer-----Dec. 2013

People are starting to think about the holiday season and what to get for those "hard-to-buy-for-technical-types." These are 50 cool gift ideas for your engineer that I found on various websites--all priced at under $30!

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1. USB Plasma Ball

"A Cube Friendly Nikola Tesla Classic. A small plasma ball powered by USB. A tiny version of the Tesla original for your desk."


2. I AM CE (Civil Engineering) T Shirts

"The classic heavyweight t-shirt. Tagless design for ultimate comfort. Pre-shrunk, 6.1 ounce 100% cotton. Double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems. Loose, classic fit, wears well on anyone. Imported."


3. Pop Quiz Math Clock

"It's half-past the square root of 64

Pop Quiz, hotshot. Think back to a time when you were a young geek. Sure, you were brilliant at math, but being asked to solve problems on the chalkboard... That's the stuff of nightmares. Thankfully, that time is over... Or is it? The smell of chalk, and the feel of the blackboard is still fresh in your mind. If you close your eyes, you can almost feel the eyes staring at your back as you labor to engage your brain and simplify the polynomial."


4. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Boldly cut pizza where no man has cut before! Metal Pizza cutter in the form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from Star Trek the original series. Officially licensed Star Trek collectable. Laser Etched Stainless steel blade with solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body.


5. There are 10 Types Binary T-shirt

"Are you one of those who understand binary? There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't! Keep 'em guessing with this funny 100% cotton black There are 10 Types Binary T-shirt."

$19.99 - $24.99

6. Exclusive All-over Engineer Cheat Sheet T-shirt

"We designed this exclusive Engineer Crib Cheat Sheet T-shirt printed front and back just for you! Need engineering help? Wear this exclusive printed all over with engineering concepts, equations and hints to help solve your engineering problems."

$24.99 - $26.99

7. Doctor Who 16oz Travel Mug

"This 16 ounce mug is printed to look just like a TARDIS.... a travel-mug shaped TARDIS, that is. (A rectangular travel mug wouldn't fit in your circular cup holder, you see!) Fill it up with your caffeinated morning beverage of choice and get ready to wish you had a real TARDIS while you sit in traffic and sip your brew."


8. Gigamic Cubulus

"In Cubulus you want to be the first player to create a square in your color on one side of the cube. Do this and you win the game. On a turn you add a colored ball to the 3x3x3 playing area by pushing it into place, possibly pushing other balls out of the way or change the order of balls in a completed row by pushing them one space then reinserting the ball pushed out of the row. With two players one color of balls is neutral. Keep your eyes on all sides of the cube to prevent others from squaring off for the win."


9. ThinkFun Solitaire Chess

“Everyone knows the best part of Chess is capturing your opponent's pieces. Solitaire Chess makes the best part the whole point. Players get 10 pieces, two each of the Knight, Rook, Pawn and Bishop, one each of the King and Queen, and 40 challenges. Set pieces on the board according to the challenge cards, and proceed to capture each one, but only by using the same moves allowed in traditional Chess. Players have to capture a piece with every move, so the game is fast-paced and always exciting."


10. Stainless Steel RFID Blocking Passport Sleeve

"We're sure you've spotted our other fine stainless steel wallets, now steel is available to beautify and protect your passport. You might think that steel would be hard on your jeans pocket, but in fact these passport sleeves have the texture of silk and are woven from micro fibers of stainless steel. When you touch the silky metallic surface you'll think they were created by sophisticated nanobots... and almost nothing is more geeky than nanobots. The steel has the added bonus of deflecting any stray radio waves preventing the RFID chip in your passport from being inadvertently read unless it is removed from the sleeve."


11. Tv-b-gone

"Your TV-B-Gone universal remote control resembles other TV remote controls, but is different in two important ways. First, it only has a power button that allows you to switch a TV on or off. You control when you see, rather than what you see. Second, the device is so small that it easily fits in your pocket, so that you have it handy whenever you need it wherever you go: airports, bars, restaurants, laundromats, etc.TV-B-Gone features the Instant Reactivation Feature which allows you to turn TVs on or off quickly and easily."


12. Original TEDCO Gyroscope/Nostalgic Pak

"Classic toy for 75 years. Cast, machined, painted and balance-fitted all by hand. Demonstrates properties of gyroscopic inertia, angular motion, torque, rotational inertia and rigidity in space as first recorded by Sir Isaac Newton."


13. Rats! Space Shuttle Program Shirt

"Geeks love the Space Shuttle Program. After all, it was a huge write-in campaign by Star Trek fans that got the first orbiter named Enterprise instead of its intended name, Constitution. We'll admit it. We're gonna miss it."


14. Scrolling LED Name Tag

"Check-out this customizable name badge with scrolling LED message. It is completely programmable to say what you want. The message can be changed "on the fly" using the 3 onboard control buttons. Up to 6 different messages can be loaded into the badge. Each message can be set for scroll speed and brightness level. To change to a different message, simply use the buttons on the back of the badge. The Scrolling LED Badge is smaller than a credit card and weighs about 1 ounce. It attaches to your shirt using a small magnetic connection on the back of the badge. The LED message is very visible and easy to read and has 9 different speed settings. The battery life is about 18 hours."


15. Doctor Who TARDIS Throw Blanket

"How do we let the Doctor know we're ready to be his next companion? We're drinking out of our TARDIS mug, brewing tea in our TARDIS teapot, wearing our TARDIS t-shirt and TARDIS hat, and wrapped up in the TARDIS Throw. Surely the Doctor will notice that we are the most dedicated Whovians ever and come pick us up for some wild adventures, right? Right? This soft throw blanket features your favorite time and space traveling vehicle and will be sure to keep you snuggly warm while you wait for the Doctor."


16. FunFlyStick Static Electricity Demonstration

"This static generator amazes adults and children alike, and is the perfect static electricity demonstration for any classroom. Simply touch the FunFlyStick to the Mylar FunFlyers, and watch them instantly expand and float."


17. Hand Boilers

"Hand Boilers are looped and twisted glass sculptures containing a liquid that will "boil" as heat is transferred from your bare hand. Simply hold the large bulb end in the palm of your hand and within minutes, your body heat will cause the liquid to rise."


18. PadTab - Wall Mount for iPad

"Mount your tablet on any smooth surface! Hang your tablet from fridge, cabinet, or wall
Great for reading recipes or watching movies. Kit comes with 2 WallTabs to mount in 2 locations


19. Pi Gift Wrap Paper

"This high quality gift wrap features a kaleidoscope of pi symbols floating over a backdrop of pi's value carried to over 5,000 decimal places.

FYI: the symbol for pi (π) is also a letter of the Geek, er... the Greek alphabet. "


20. 123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius

"123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius provides a solid grounding in robotics, electronics, and programming. Each experiment builds on the skills acquired before it so you can develop a hands-on, nuts-and-bolts understanding of robotics from the ground up. A printed circuitboard is also included with the book so your engineer will be on his or her way in no time!"


21. Deluxe Cosmos Perpetual Motion Desktop Toy

"The Deluxe Cosmos perpetual motion desktop toy is perfect for your outer space themed office or room décor. A simple spin of the top of the base sets the galaxy in motion. The multicolored rings start spinning in different orbits around the planet in the center."


22. Newton's Cradle 5" Balance Balls Wood Grain

"Known as motion balance balls, these steel balls keep you entertained all day long. Newton's Cradle makes a great desktop executive gift. Draw back one or more of the balls and release."


23. Antworks Illuminated Antfarm Habitat for Ants

"Illuminated LED Version - Complete

A highly complex ant farm, the most captivating insect toy ever seen! Based upon a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study animal life in space and test how insects-ants, successfully tunnel in microgravity. Nutrient gel means that THE ANTS NEED NO FOOD OR WATER!"


24. HexBug Inchworm Robotic Creature Blue

"HexBug Inchworm is a remote controlled 2 channel insect type robot with 7 directions of motion.

These ultra cool robots fit in the palm of your hand. Batteries included and no assembly is required."


25. Frank Lloyd Wright Art Glass Designs Sandstone Coasters Gift Set

"This Frank Lloyd Wright gift set of coasters is inspired by his art glass designs. The Wright gift collection contains one each of the following coaster designs: Willits, Dancing Glass, Oak Park Skylight, Coonley Playhouse Window. Each Frank Lloyd Wright coaster is 4" square, made of original CoasterStones porous sandstone and is cork-backed to protect furniture and prevent scuffs. Made in the USA."


26. Fish in Space Aquarium

"Retro space distinct styling features a domed space city, 3-D planets and a rocket bursting right out of the aquarium. The compact size (half gallon) makes it ideal to place on a desk, cubical, or counter top. The cool U.F.O. aquarium cap projects a shaft of light alien light into the aquarium from above."


27. Airzooka Air Gun

"Airzooka is the 'fun gun' that blows a harmless ball of air towards any object, person (or animal!). The airball will travel up to twenty feet and beyond... Cackle with amusement as, seemingly from nowhere, you are able to mess up a person's hair, ruffle their shirt, dress, or TPS reports from a distance, or just plain blow 'em away!."


28. Great Scientists Set of 4 Finger Puppets with Magnet

"What do Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Charles Darwin have in common? (besides being brilliant scientists) They're all part of this incredible Great Scientists Finger Puppet Set! You'll have endless hours of intellectual fun with these little geniuses. Imagine they're in a sitcom -- "Eggheads! Coming this fall on CBS. Four wacky scientists are snatched out of time and compelled to live together in a Manhattan apartment with a kooky landlord!!" Granted, you probably won't come up with anything as good as THAT, but you'll have enormous fun trying. Each puppet is about 4" tall and is magnetized so it can double as a refrigerator magnet. They come packaged in a fun puppet-theatre box."


29. Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set

"For Enterprising Gifters Set of 4 Star Trek: The Original Series etched glasses; Feature Starfleet Command Division Insignia and the words U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701"


30. UV Meter

"This UV meter detects both atmospheric UV-A and UV-B light ranging from 280 nm to 400nm. It displays the current atmospheric UV index, and the UV Irradiance. A graphical meter along side a UV color code chart makes it easy to determine the level of UV risk."


31.Periodic Table Shower Curtain

"The Periodic Table Shower Curtain is 71 inches square, and made from EVA Vinyl (Ethylene vinyl acetate and Polyethylene, but you knew that), and is semi-transparent with the Periodic Table of Elements printed in large friendly letters and colors."


32. Powers of Two Clock: Crystal Blue and Chrome Version

"Six rows of bright crystal blue LEDs are inlaid in a modern chrome-colored body. The lights display hour, minute and second in binary code - the language of computers. Display can be in 12 or 24 hour modes."


33. Giant 50' Solar Bag

"The Giant Solar Bag works on the same principle as our smaller solar bags. Simply fill the bag with air, tie off the ends and let the energy of the sun heat the air inside the bag."


34. Smartphone Controlled Desk Pet Tankbots

"Navigates the maze on your desk; Control a robot with your iPhone or Android phone; Can navigate a maze all by itself in automatic mode; Advanced optical navigation technology in a tiny package"


35. Chemistry Lab Shot Glasses

"Quench your mad scientific/chemistry brain with this set of science themed shot glasses.

Depending on your state of mind, experiment with toxic waste, radioactive, and other science themed designs."


36. Caffeine Molecule Stainless Travel Mug

"Sixteen Ounces Of Stainless Travelin' Caffeine...
Stainless steel travel mug with caffeine molecule. Holds 16 oz of your favorite hot beverage. Fits in most automobile cup holders."


37. Engineers are Hot! Mug

"This oversized two-tone ceramic mug holds a hefty 17 oz. of your engineer's favorite coffee or tea. The mug has a maroon interior, handle and "Engineers are HOT!!" design."

$11.86 - $13.95

38. Rubik's Cube

"Rubik's Cube(r) is the incredibly addictive, multi-dimensional challenge that has fascinated puzzle fans around the world since 1980. With "43 Quintillion" possible moves and only "ONE" solution... nearly one in every five people in the world has twisted, jumbled and enjoyed this immensely popular puzzle."


39. Buckyball Crystal

"Gazing into the sublime: glass paperweights and keychains display data from astronomy, biology, math and physics.
Laser etching is a remarkable way to see complex 3D data. I use high-frequency lasers driven by hand-tooled software to create fine-grained, cleanly drawn structures."


40. Wooden Diamond Puzzle

"The puzzle makes a great "executive desktop trinket" that can stimulate creativity, challenge the mind, or rattle the nerves! The wooden diamond puzzle is approximately 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" and has interlocking pieces that stay together when it is solved correctly."


41. Build-On Brick Mug

"Build up your coffee! Have your coffee and build it too! Compatible with most construction bricks. May cause distraction at morning meetings. (Important Note: The Brick Mug does not come with any bricks. You need to provide your own.)"


42. Edmund Scientifics Illuminated 30X Pocket Microscope

"This new design updates and improves a very popular microscope. It is the perfect carry-with-you-everywhere microscope. Ideal for industrial inspections, educational field trips, and hobby applications."


43. Water Powered Clock

"The Future Is Available Today! All this clock needs to run is water. Will also run on soda, coffee, BAWLS, or beer! Translucent blue siding and a mirrored front."


44. Temperature Controlled Faucet Light

"Functional and Fun Light Show!

Red lights illuminate the water stream when hot, and blue shines through the stream when cold. The red light is turned on for temperatures of 89 degrees and above."


45. Aquapod Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher

"Prepare for liftoff. Using air and water, launch a 2 liter plastic soda bottle up to 100 feet into the air. Great outdoor fun for picnics, science projects, business lunches, etc. Very, very messy and dangerous indoor fun for those same events."


46. Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Bag with Sound

"In our secret fantasy universe, we are again wee geeks, but instead of the sons and daughters of business people, homemakers, accountants, and teachers, we're the offspring of powerful Jedi who just happen to be fabulously wealthy. When we go to school, we ride in an X-Wing and we have a protocol droid to carry our belongings and an astromech droid to keep us company, just because we are amused by its bleeps and boops.

Alas, we're stuck here in our normal Earth lives, so we'll have to carry this lunchbag instead. Made by the quality folks at Thermos, the R2-D2 lunchbag is nearly a foot tall and made of food-safe, BPA-free materials. Foam insulation keeps your food fresh from morning packing until lunch time, when you'll want to push the button and show off the lights and sounds for all your friends."


47. Kennedy Space Center Three T-Shirt Combo Pack

"Great Value! Show your support for NASA with these great looking t-shirts."


48. Genuine Fisher Space Bullet Pens

"Selected by NASA for use on all manned space flights. Writes dependably upside down, under water, over grease, and in extreme temperatures. Fisher’s special inks and Precision, stainless steel tungsten-carbide ballpoints allow the pens to write longer, cleaner and more consistently."


49. Hubble's Greatest Hits Calendar

"This year, take a month-by-month look at twelve of the Hubble telescope's greatest hits."


50. NASA Logo - Denim Suede Visor - Hat : The Space Shop

"The low profile washed denim cap with suede bill and NASA logo."