Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Avatar Engineering Doodle Contest

My friends over at Avatar Engineering are having a contest and you still have time to enter! The contest ends July 31, 2012!

So show off your sketching skills...

All they ask of you is to download a sketch/doodle app onto your smart phone or borrow a friend's smart phone). They use "Doodle Buddy." It's free!

Then sketch for everybody, your favorite building, skyscraper, bridge, iconic structure and send it in to Starting up an Engine[er] as a jpeg file.

Please include your name, and your general field of employment (for example: Structural Engineer/Bridge Engineer) so they can give you the recognition that you deserve!
Avatar Engineering's sketch.
You can also send in your doodles out to @AvatarEngineers by attaching the Twitter hash-tag #doodleengineer to your works of art. Or even submit them onto their Facebook  site.

Click here for details!

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