Tornado Resistant Windows - An Engineer's Aspect


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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tornado Resistant Windows

These tornado-resistant windows meet criteria stipulated by FEMA 361 Design and Construction Guidelines and have passed air pressure and tornado missile impact tests. They can withstand tornadoes of up to 250 mph, and that’s virtually as bad as a tornado gets (The Monolithic Dome Institute).
According to Pittsburgh Corning, “The Tornado-Resistant Window provides the needed protection from the elements while letting people see what is happening outside of the shelter. It also allows for day lighting to enter the space which is a benefit both when using the space as a shelter and also as a multipurpose area during other non-critical times.”
Check out the “Missile Impact Test” that Pittsburgh Corning Corporation recently produced. During that test, a 2×4 weighing 15 pounds and traveling at 100 mph was fired twice at the Tornado-Resistant Window. The window withstood a hit to its center and a hit at an upper corner. These windows are now available through The Monolithic Dome Institute.

Monolithic is offering to install these windows in Monolithic Domes. You can order them clear or slightly frosted.