Monday, May 23, 2011

Today, I am sad and just plain irritated.

So, I wake up this morning to hear there are about 90 people dead because of tornadoes in Missouri. I am so sorry for all the friends and relatives. I am saddened for the people who have lost their homes and livelihoods. The devastation is tragic.

I am also irritated with people's resistance to change!

A Monolithic Dome hospital would have protected all of the patients. Monolithic Dome houses would have protected families.

Monolithic Dome businesses would have protected many, many people seeking shelter and preserved the business so afterward, people could go on making a living.

Monolithic Dome schools have actually been mostly funded by FEMA because they can be tornado shelters for entire communities. There is no reason that every town in "Tornado Alley" couldn't have a Monolithic Dome Tornado Shelter.

Yet--people are so resistant to change (for the better even) that when it comes right down to it, many choose metal buildings and wood buildings because they don't want something round in town.
I live in a Monolithic Dome in Texas. I go to bed at night knowing that if a tornado hits while I am sleeping, my children are protected. Yes, my house is round!

I also think it is beautiful. I love the sweeping curves and I appreciate the openness and better use of space. I think my Monolithic Dome home is a new sports car. Why would I want an old model car that doesn't pass safety tests, when I could have a new, sleek, curvy safe car!?
I am so sad about the lives lost that could have been protected, if not by a Monolithic Dome house, by the community having a Monolithic Dome as a shelter somewhere.

Please visit The Monolithic Dome Institute's website. You will not find a more helpful, caring company anywhere in the world. Send me a note and come see our house...tour the president's house. You can tour dome gyms, or call the church in Alabama that was unharmed by the tornadoes there. One phone call could save many lives.

My heart goes out to all the people in Missouri today. May you find peace.


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  2. I LOVE domes! Someday I will have one of my own.

  3. Jessica--I love you! You are so awesome, even if you don't have a dome :).

  4. st since Greensburg, Kansas, for which I should have been hired as "Rebuilding Czar." I at least advocate Monolithic Domes for nearly all non-residential buildings. I have 2 preliminary floor plans for Domes, both ADA-compliant. Here's my website:

  5. Jean--Thanks for the website. People like you can bring about the changes that need to happen.

  6. Nanette, great article and extremely sensible. I,too, was astounded that Greensberg did not look into building dome homes or at least a few places around town with a dome shelter. And why all the money to Haiti didn't get some built there instead of Tent cities? We know the answer to that one!

    Jean, I'm heading to your website next!

  7. Here were are again only a few years after the last tornado in Moore. Another EF4 and still they rebuild the same stick A-frame houses that are easily blown away resulting in more death and destruction. I post Monolithic's website in the comments section of the CNN tornado stories on the web but I think CNN deletes them. I just can't understand why people continue to build the same type of house over and over just to see it get smashed to pieces again and again. I wish the government would mandate monolithic domes in tornado alley.

  8. Indeed, unpredictable natural disasters sometimes come suddenly and natural disasters that we can not opponents, we can only avoid it as much as possible

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  9. Bucky Fuller tried to give returning GI's a chance to change the way we live in the early 1940's but people weren't prepared to take this shape seriously. We need some frontiers people willing to rebuild their homes with replacement dome homes and we need to have competent engineers and architechs able to keep the cost down and give these people a beautiful home too. Once there are several people whose homes survive this weather disaster others witnessing it will be more willing to invest in them.


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