11 Cool Finite Element Videos for May 11th - An Engineer's Aspect


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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11 Cool Finite Element Videos for May 11th

This video shows Nonlinear Transient Analysis of an engine assembly and other structural analyses with large displacements, rotations and surface contact. Product simulations done by NEi Nastran. http://www.NEiSoftware.com:

A finite element model of the Lumbar Spine developed in Empa (Zurich, Switzerland) using ABAQUS 6.7:

Pickup truck model using Finite Element Modeling (FEM), made by LS-DYNA software:

A 3D finite-element CFD simulation of a Vestas V52 wind turbine in a rectangular wind tunnel. The tunnel is 1.5km x 400m x 400m; the wind speed at the inlet is 15m/s.

The vertical and horizontal slices are coloured by the x-component of wind velocity, u:

Full Finite Element Analysis of pressure inside a valve, created at System Engineering And Laboratories, Tyler, Texas:

Turbulent mixing flow in pipe. Simulation by Saturne, visualized with EnSight:

A nonlinear transient analysis of a gear pair subjected to a torque load with surface contact. http://www.nenastran.com:

ABAQUS : Rolling process(Tension and Compression demo):

Temperature Finite Element Analysis performed on a Semiconductor Chamber by Glew Engineering Consulting:

Ship impact simulation:

Isosurface of swirling strength around insect body. It shows detachment of vortices.

Numerical analysis of four-winged insect flight.
The dragonfly Juncea Aeshna was selected as a representative of the flying four-winged insect family for simulation study. In Catia software a geometric model is developed based on photos of the Juncea Aeshna dragonfly. Then this model is imported to Gambit software which generates a mesh for the purpose of numerical calculations. Elements of the mesh are fine around the space in which the wings move. Numerical calculations in three dimensional space are realized in the Fluent software. CFD calculations of insect flight are performed to adequately simulate flight in hovering mode.

Research is performed in Warsaw University of Technology - The Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering - Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics: