A Monolithic High School - An Engineer's Aspect


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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Monolithic High School

In 1986, I worked for my father, David B. South, driving a crane during the construction of Emmett High School in Emmett, Idaho. I have found that the "hands-on" construction experience is absolutely necessary to fully understand the engineering.

Along with learning the construction details about domes, I became convinced that Monolithic Domes are the best solution for schools today. Not only are Monolithic Dome Schools beautiful--they are economical, safe, long-lasting and green.

The following video is from The Monolithic Dome Institute's YouTube channel:

This is an introduction to Monolithic Dome Schools. What does a community need and want in a school structure? We think the number one answer to that question is Safety. A Monolithic Dome makes a school that cant be beat for safety. It not only meets but exceeds FEMAs requirements for a structure that provides near-absolute protection.

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